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Sister City ĘC Ulsan, ROK

Great Events 

In July 1999, Changchun Children's Palace signed an agreement on chorus visit with Credit Group of Ulsan.

In January 2000, the two governments dispatched their functionaries to the respective cities to study.

In March 2000, a Changchun sculpture delegation visited Ulsan.

In June 2000, Mr. Li Shu, mayor of Changchun, visited Ulsan.

In June 2000, Changchun Jing Yuetan developing area of tourism held an investment meeting.

In July 2000, Mr. Zhang Jihong, a sculptor from Ulsan, visited Changchun Exhibition of Sculpture.

In August 2000, the 6th Vocational School of Changchun established friendly relations with Technical College of Ulsan.

In August 2000, Changchun Television Station established friendly relations with Ulsan Television Station.

In September 2000, Mr. Zhou Ji'an, vice mayor of Ulsan, visited Changchun and attended the 5th Changchun Film Festival.

In September 2000, the 5th Exhibition of Painting was held in Ulsan.

In October 2000, Changchun Television Station visited Ulsan Television Station.

In December 2000, Changchun Bureau of Education signed an agreement on establishing friendly relations with Ulsan Department of Education.  

In December 2000, a program made by Changchun Television Station that introduced Changchun was broadcast in Korea. 

In March 2001, a delegation of Ulsan municipal parliament visited Changchun.

In April 2001, Mr. Xia Fulong, vice dean of Changchun People's Congress, led a delegation to visit Ulsan. 

In June 2001, Mr. Wang Shubin, head of Changchun Municipal Construction Department, visited Ulsan. 

In June 2001, Ulsan organized 20 entrepreneurs to hold an investment meeting in Changchun. 

In March 2002, Changchun acrobatic troupe went to Ulsan for visit and performance.    About Us   |    International Links
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